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Bring elegance, peace and tranquility to any environment.

What are Luminite Stone?

Luminite Stones are a gentle amplifier of light.

A recently discovered, rare and special stone made by mother earth over millions of years. 

The beautiful patterns within are made thru the formation and incorporation of stone and crystal that happens naturally in certain parts of the world.

It's golden glow brings a spa-like tranquility and calm to all environments when lit. 

What are the Properties of Luminite Stones?





It also assists in the challenges associated with change, enhances psychic abilities, astral projection and higher consciousness.

It also enhances intellect and memory.

What Chakras does it effect?

Luminite is associated with the sacral and solar plexus chakras, and helps bring balance between these two chakras.

Where are they from?

Found in the USA Rocky Mountain.

Why should I want one? 

Luminite is a great stone to have in a home, spa or office.  

It is especially good for those who would like to add calm and a relaxing space to their lives.  

For those practicing yoga and meditation because of the focusing qualities add grounding and connection to earth and self.

Who is this a great gift for?

You and your family.

Brides and wedding planners, beautiful and functional.

Children of all ages, our nightlights come in a variety of colors for a fun and soothing night.

Loved ones in assisted care homes that do not allow candles we have a flameless candle options (additional cost).

College Student dorm rooms, when you are not allowed to use a candle but want the glow of a candle look without the flame this is a perfect alternative to achieve peace and calm in stressful days.  A little piece of "home".

Host and housewarming parties as for the home gifts and a touching and beautiful way to say "thank you"

Special someone in your life.  

Bearers of the stone report feelings what?

Focus      Grounding      Peace & Tranquility      Joy and Zen         

Happiness      Reduced feelings of stress      Peaceful Emotions       

What if I'm allergic?

Luminite is a stone not a salt there are no known allergies to stones at this time.


Luminite can become very hot.  

We recommend you handle with care and caution until you know how hot it is.  Each piece holds a varying amount of heat.  

Handling it with a pot holder when lit can help.  

Always use candles on a fire resistant surface and away from small children.

Anything else I should know?

When lighting it is nice to allow yourself a moment to reflect on what you are grateful for notice how your life shifts for the better!

Let us know, we would love to hear from you.