About Luminite

Handcrafted by skilled artisans

STONE: Semi-Precious

AGE: Over 300 million years 

LOCATION:  United States

CLASSIFICATION:  Sedimentary Stone

COLOR: Yellow and White Occasional Red, and Grey Inclusions

CHARACTERISTICS: Translucent, Natural Viening, "Feathering", and Layering.

LIGHT SOURCE:  Candle, Light Bulb, Sunlight

DENSITY: Greater than concrete or granite

CHAKRA: Root, Solar Plexus/Heart, and Third Eye Allignment

MEDITATION USE: Focus, Grounding, and Tool for transition from head to body and heart.

STORY OF DISCOVERY:  Newly discovered semi-precious stone.  Each piece is handcrafted by skilled artisans.

After a sizable emerald was found in area a search was initiated. While to date, there has been no more emerald found, a massive vein of extremely rare stone was discovered (named Luminite), high above the tree line. Each year, for the few short months (Due to weather conditions at high altitude), large boulders of stone (see image left) are pulled out and transported to a lower level for carving to begin. 

Each stone pillar is lovingly cut, using patience, pressure and water. It takes many hours and sometimes days to carve a single stone pillar.  Cut, the pillar is then polished and then set with a light acidic bath to "seal" the stone.  Once completed to the finished state, each stone will remain forever.  Each piece is unique with its own personality and story to tell, I true Million year old treasure.

MORE ABOUT COLOR:  Varying color of the stone is attributed to the level of iron and sulphur deposits at the time of formation and the particular thickness of the stone Veins of red and grey clay deposits found in the stone as well, they are rare and makes for a beautiful contrast in the color. White deposits in the stone believed to be seafoam that was able to solidify and attach to the stone during the creation. Believed to be created by a meteor strike and flash formed in a millisecond. 

USES:  A premier décor element for the home, weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, housewarmings parties, and other gatherings—and an ideal gift for any occasion.  

It's durability and likeness to marble and alabaster make it ideal for residential and commercial elements  for your home, restaurant or office projects including countertops, sinks, shower walls and bar tops that can be backlit. 

Due to naturally-occurring variations in Luminite, no two stone's pattern or cut will match exactly (like a snowflake). Variant patterns in stone may not be exactly as pictured; they will be similar. Your stone will be your own, no one else will ever have one quite like it again, your's is special and  there will never be one exactly like it.


About Peaceful Stone Lights

Peaceful Stone Lights specializes in delivering elegant stone pillars, functional wine accessories such as wine chillers and cheese trays and wine rocks.

A heart-centered, woman-owned business.

It is our mission to bring light, joy and beauty to the world.

We believe that by encouraging a connection, appreciation, and grounding the world can be a better place for all. 

Each stone light is carved with patience, care, and attention. Honoring these gifts from nature that are both beautiful and eco-friendly. We care very much about the environment, and do everything in our power to care for it as it cares for us. 

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about the people

Sarah "Red" LaBonte—owner of Peaceful Stone Lights. Outside of her commitment to spreading light and peace to the world. 

She teaches Vinyasa Yoga in New York City and around the United states and encourages the practice of meditation and sound healing. Additionally, she is a public speaker on a range of topics including: Creating Bridges of Understanding, Conflict Resolution and How to Establish and Maintain Safer & Braver Spaces.

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