Natural beauty

Peaceful Stone Lights specializes in delivering elegant stone pillars, functional wine accessories such as wine chillers and cheese trays and wine rocks.

It is our mission to bring peace, light, joy and beauty to the world.  We believe that by encouraging a connection, appreciation, and grounding the world can be a better place for all. 

Each stone light is hand carved by skilled artisans. Honoring these gifts from nature that are both beautiful and eco-friendly. Once completed each stone light will retain it's state for eternity.  

It's durability and likeness to marble and alabaster make it ideal for residential and commercial elements for your home, restaurant or office projects.

*Due to naturally-occurring variations in Luminite, no two stones pattern or cut will match exactly and variant patterns in stone may not be exactly as pictured; they will be similar. Your stone will be your own, unique to you.




Root, Solar Plexus/Heart, and Third Eye Alignment 

Alignment of the flow from mind to body.  Enhances focus, balance, psychic abilities, and higher consciousness.

Stimulates intellect and memory.

Encourages grounding, self-esteem, self-care and focus

Use during times of change, upheaval, stress, and anxiety to promote peace and calm.



Peace  |  Happiness  |  Sanctuary  |  Relaxation

Connectedness  |  Harmony  |  Grounding  |  Zen

Focus  |  Gratitude  |  “Coming home”  |  Calm

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about the people

Sarah "Red" LaBonte - Owner

She teaches Vinyasa Yoga in New York City and around the United States and encourages the practice of meditation and sound healing. She is the loving aunt (“Yaya”) to an amazing 14 year old

A self-expression, wellness, and leadership coach and public speaker on a range of topics including: Creating Bridges of Understanding, Conflict Resolution and How to Establish and Maintain Safer & Braver Spaces.

Her mission is to leave this world a better place than she found it and empower others to do the same.

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Each stone light is carved to order.  Depending on the time of year we may or may not have access to our quarry and as such it will impact our delivery time.  In addition, Luminite is a strong stone, as such it takes over a day to carve a single piece.  Please allow 2-6 weeks for delivery.

General time lines for orders:

Jan. - Apr - 2 weeks (spring market season.)

Apr. - Sept - 4 weeks (this is when we are on the mountain harvesting new raw stone.)

Sept - Oct - 2 weeks (full production mode, gearing up for the holiday market season.)

Nov - Dec - 2 weeks (holiday market season.)

We ship via USPS and UPS Ground.  Shipping within the continental US ONLY. All shipments are insured.  Breakage is minimal, however, if your item is damaged in shipment we will gladly replace it with a similar item.  Keep in mind that each piece is unique and cannot be exactly duplicated.  We require notification via email at red@peacefulstonelights.com within 48 hours of delivery that your item was damaged in shipment.  Please include pictures of the damaged item and pictures of the box and packing material in your email.  

We strive to keep packing and shipping costs as low as possible for our customers.  Each item is hand packed.  Some items may be shipped via common carrier freight depending upon size and weight.  Shipping costs have been included in the prices listed.


We strive to provide excellent customer service.  If you are not pleased with your order for any reason, please notify us via email at red@peacefulstonelights.com with 48 hours of delivery and we will gladly refund your purchase once we have received the item or items back undamaged.  Refunds will not be issued if returned items are damaged.  Return shipping costs are to be paid by the customer.  In addition, we charge a 15% restocking fee for online purchases.  

**Purchases during events are non-refundable.  You may exchange for equal value.**

Exchanges will be honored for items of equal value only.