Where IS YOUR STORE Luminite?

Come visit our POP-UP Stores once a year.

2019 New York City

Oct - Jan

Bryant Park Holiday Market - 42nd Street and 6th Avenue

Nov - Dec. 24th

Union Square Holiday Market - 14th Street and Park Avenue

Market Hours:

Monday - Friday, 11:00am - 8:00pm

Saturday, 10:00am - 8:00pm

Sunday, 11:00am - 7:00pM


When it's not during a show season How do I place an order?

Our online store is always open.


Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes. Gift certificates are available in $25 denominations, and are valid for one full year from the date on the certificate. Gift certificates are only redeemable in store or by mail. At this time, gift certificates can not be used for online purchases.  You can call or email us for an order using a gift certificate.  Redemption instructions are printed on the back of each certificate.


How do I figure out the size?

2 1/4 inch diameter cylinders will fit 1 tea light 

3 inch diameter cylinders will fit 1 tea light (thicker wall of stone)

4 inch will fit 2 tea light candles and a SKINNY Modern wine bottle

5 inch cylinders will fit 3 tea light candles and most wine bottle and some champagne bottles.

**Be sure to put your candles on something fire resistant, such as a slice of Luminite, a mirror, candle holder, or sconce.


What are other uses for the stone?

Wherever you can use Marble or Granite you can use Luminite.

Traditionally we create candle covers, decorative bases and window plates.

Bar Accessories for those who enjoy entertaining in style: Wine Racks, Wine Chillers, Wine Pebbles, Whiskey Stones, Bourbon Stones, Spirit Rocks, Cheese Platters

Sculptures: palm crosses and angels, fountains, trophies, awards, headstones, and memorial displays

Commercial and Residential Projects:  Countertops, Backsplashes, Shower, Enclosures, Water features, Bars, see more applications HERE.



You can use tea lights, votive candles or electric lights (such as a string of Christmas lights or an electric base), LED's, or sunshine.


What Stone is used to make peaceful Stone Lights?

Peaceful Stone Lights are carved LUMINITE a very rare form of semi-precious stone that serves as a gentle amplifier of light.

Exclusive to a remote region of the United States

Luminite is millions of years old (we know it was formed between 251 Million and 500 Million years ago. 

The patterns within the stone were formed under pressure and heat and are not man-made. We carve them to allow for the natural beauty to shine thru.

Luminite’s golden light brings a spa-like tranquility and calm to all environments.


How are peaceful Stone lights different from HIMALAYAN Salt lamps?

A few major differences are that salt does cause allergic reactions in some people as it interacts with the air, it also is known for melting, puddling, and being “slimy” and does also flake away over time. It is a temporary stone at will disintegrate over time.

Luminite is a semi-precious stone it is hypoallergetic, it feels smooth and soft to the touch, is unchanging over time. You get the benefits of having ancient earth energy. Once carved it stays just as it is for a lifetime and beyond, making it a treasured family heirloom for generations. All of the beauty, memories, intention, gratitude and care that you share with this stone will be there for future generations to feel and be nurtured by.  



The beauty and design of the stone are forever

Golden in color - Happiness

Stone of the United States

Unique, Special and one of a kind

Semi-precious stone

300 Million Years Old +



Melts, sweating, changes and dissolves

Pinkish and fades to white over time

Imported from India

Everyone has it


Often Manufactured


Are they natural or synthetic?

The stone and patterns you see were all captured within the earths crust millions of years ago, we at Peaceful Stone Lights, take the original stone and lovingly and with great patience and skill carve into that stone to allow for light to be added so the stunning patterns within the stone can come to life.


What are the Properties of Luminite Stones?

People have experienced a reduction of stress, anxiety and tension and have experienced the support of peace, balance, grounding, and serenity.

Luminite it assists in the challenges associated with change and transformation and supports people transition from the stressors of the day to a time of care, compassion and well-being

**Please note, although this stone can help create a space of care and well-being it is not meant to be used in place of therapeutic support, should that be supportive for you. We honor and encourage you to find the medical support you need for any wellness issues you might be going thru that will allow you to flourish and we love you.

What CHAKRA is Luminite associated with?

Helps bring balance between the two the mind and the body at the Solar Plexus trans-vector.

Primary: Solar Plexus

Secondary: Sacral, Heart, Third Eye

What feelings do owners report?

Increased feelings of: 



"Coming Home"       



Heightened Focus    



Self Worth







What country is Luminite from?

United States


Is the mining process environmentally friendly?

Yes. We are proud that no part of the stone is wasted - even the chips and dust from the sculpting process are utilized.


Why haven't I seen this kind of stone before?

Luminite is a newly discovered stone and we are a very small operation. The stone was newly discovered 12 years ago and we have one a handful of stores.

Due to the challenging terrain and carving process we create a limited number of stone lights each year.

We have a pop-up shop each year around the holidays in New York City to allow for the world to experience and purchase their lights.


How much does it weigh?

Around 192 pounds per cubic foot.

*Concrete weighs a mere 145 pounds per cubic foot, granite weighs around 180 pounds.


Do I need to worry about allergies?

As a stone there are NO allergic properties and is completely hypoallergenic.


Will it "melt"?



Does it get hot?

Yes, we recommend you handle with care and caution and recommend either allowing your stone light to cool or to use a potholder when you are handling your stone.

Use on fire resistant surfaces.

Our nightlight base with light bulbs are perfect for children, college students and aging family members.


CLEANING: What if my cylinder gets black candle soot inside?

Simply wipe it out with a paper towel and glass cleaner, or wash it with dish soap.


Do you ship?

Yes, we will ship anywhere.

Online orders can only be shipped in the continental United States. 

Call or email us if you need to ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or International and we will give you a shipping quote.  All shipments are insured. Average delivery is 4 - 6 weeks. If it is needed by a specific date please let us know so we can make it work, we are very hands on. SHIPPING IS INCLUDED in your purchase.

Need it shipped INTERNATIONALLY? It is possible, we will have to figure out the shipping costs as these are based on box size, weight, and destination.  Please email us for international shipping information. 


Who is this a great gift for?


Custom sets made are a special and thoughtful gift for a wedding or an anniversary

An unexpected and unique host and hostess gift of your holiday gathering.

Children of all ages. Our nightlights come in a variety of colors, and work beautifully with a flameless candle.

Loved ones and elderly in assisted care homes that do not allow candles— with our flameless candle option or night light base.

College students living in dorm rooms, where candles are not allowed using a flameless candle in our Luminite votives provide a perfect alternative and a little piece of “home.”


What exactly do you mean by "1-tea light sized"?

 See images

Shown here: 1-tea light size at 3 inches tall

Shown here in order: 2-tea light 5 inches tall, 3-tea light 5.5 inches tall and 1-tea light size 2.5 inches tall.