Create Your own Sanctuary from the chaos of the world

Create balance with Peaceful Stone Lights, a rare, semi-precious stone light, forged from ancient earth. These works of art, illuminated by fire, harmonize your mind, body and spirit; encouraging you to renew, revitalize and reconnect with what’s most important in your life. An energy-nourishing gift for yourself, friends, and family. Peaceful Stone Lights is a heart-centered, woman-owned business. Select your stone, while supplies last.

When lighting, it is nice to allow yourself a moment to reflect on things, people, or circumstances in your life for which you are grateful. Notice how your life shifts for the better with this infusion of calm and these moments reserved for gratitude.

Luminite, a rare and precious stone was forged in the earth over 150 million years ago and only recently was brought into the light for us to enjoy and benefit from.









Each Peaceful Stone Light is one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted, and beautiful in it's uniqueness.  

If you or someone you know is in need of self-care, this stone will make all the difference.  

·       Create the romantic atmosphere of love and care

·       An elegant focal piece for the dining room table as a light or as a wine glacette (chiller)

·       A fireplace glow without the heat

·       Focus for your meditation practice

·       Softly light your child’s room (we have made a special "nightlight" base)

·       Transform every room to one of peace