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“The gift of the year”

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Manifesting grace thru gratitude

Rare, Semi-Precious Stone

Creating balance and serenity is easy with Peaceful Stone Lights.  

These rare, semi-precious stone lights, forged from ancient earth are works of art, illuminated by fire are a powerful tool to harmonize your mind, body and spirit; encouraging you to renew, revitalize and reconnect with what’s most important in your life. An energy-nourishing gift for yourself, friends, and family.

When lighting, it is nice to allow yourself a moment to reflect on things, people, or circumstances in your life for which you are grateful. Notice how your life shifts for the better with this infusion of calm and these moments reserved for gratitude.



Create your COMFORT

Meditation . Home . Bar Accessories . and Special Gifts

Sanctuary Spaces

·      Relax into your Tranquil Bath Times

·      Complete your meditation space with light

Peaceful Presence Gifts for all occasions

·      Birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day or just because

·      Weddings - Bring magic to this special day as a bridal gift

·      Wine Glacettes Chillers for the Champagne

·      Add sacred light to your Center Pieces

Yoga Practice

·      Enhance your Meditation Rooms and Yoga Space

Living Spaces

·      Hang an eye catching Chandelier or Wall Sconse

·      Light your Fireplaces and Mantels all year round with beauty


·      Create a special event with a memorable wine and cheese display

·      Inspire romance with a soft glow

·      Restaurants let us help you create a remarkable and memorable space


·      Bring Romance to your evenings with a healthy and sexy glow

·      Ground into sleep with our special "nightlight", safe for a child's rooms

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