Encourage a sense of peace, focus, and grounding, the golden glow from Peaceful Stone lights create a spa-like tranquility and calm to all environments.

About Peaceful Stone Lights

These ancient pillars of semiprecious stone, Luminite, promote a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere.

A heart-centered, woman-owned business, we believe that by spreading serenity, we can help make the world a better place for all. 

It is our mission to bring light to the world.  These beautiful stone lights add memorable ambiance to both special events and everyday moments. A premier décor element for the home, weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, housewarmings parties, and other gatherings—and an ideal gift for any occasion.  Each stone light is carved with patience, care, and attention. Honoring these gifts from nature that are both beautiful and eco-friendly. We care very much about the environment, and do everything in our power to care for it as it cares for us. 

Visit us once a year in person at the Columbus Circle and Union Square Holiday Markets in New York City during the months of November and December. 

About the People

Sarah LaBonte—lovingly known as "Red" is the owner of Peaceful Stone Lights.

Outside of her commitment to spreading light and peace thru Peaceful Stone Lights, Red, practices and teaches Vinyasa Yoga, meditation and sound healing, and speaks on creating bridges of understanding, conflict resolution and how to establish and maintain Safe and Braver Spaces, and is an adoring aunt.

About Luminite Stones

Luminite is a semiprecious stone that serves as a gentle amplifier of light. Rare and special, Luminite has been created by Mother Earth over 580 million years. The warm yellow stone promotes peace and a feeling of stability, encouraging focus, balance, and grounding.  Creating a sanctuary and bringing a spa-like tranquility and calm to all environments.

Due to naturally-occurring variations in Luminite, no one stone's pattern or cut will match another's. Variant patterns in stone may not be exactly as pictured; they will be similar. Your stone will be your own, no one else will ever have one quite like it again, your's is special and  there will never be one exactly like it.