Harmony Collection - DOUBLES AS A WINE CHILLER

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Harmony Cluster.jpg

Harmony Collection - DOUBLES AS A WINE CHILLER

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This is works wonderfully well for a yoga studio, a dining room center piece, beach front walkways and more.

Peaceful Stone Lights are hand-carved from Luminite Stone, a semi-precious stone forged in the earth over millions of years, and beautiful in its uniqueness. Used as a peaceful light or as a way to bring elegance as you serve your wine.

Use it to add beauty, grounding and tranquility to your home. A naturally grounding light to be used daily to calm and bring serenity to your life and to the lives of those you care about.

Allow nature’s healing energy engulf and infuse with the wine you consume. In addition to it’s beauty, when chilled it keeps your wine cold thru dinner.

It’s recommended that you upgrade to a larger base and add a couple of pixies to create a one of a kind centerpiece for your home. This makes a very special and remarkable wedding and house warming gift.

*PLEASE NOTE this size is for TALL THIN wine bottles ONLY. 

5 Inches Thick

For larger bottles of wine and champagne please go to Zen Collection for stones that will accommodate more wine bottles and champagne bottles.

Refrigerator or freezer your pillar and keep your wine chilled at the table, then light it with candles and enjoy the divine beauty of nature.

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